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Why develop a CSR  strategy in your company?

Social responsibility is THE big topic of our generation.  There are many benefits for companies who want to follow this path :

  • Become more resilient


  • Attract talents, clients and investors

  • Innovate while respecting and drawing inspiration from living things

And much more ..

But the real question is why not?

Why take the risk to miss this opportunity to transform your business to answer worldwide challenges ?

In the long term, I can help you

Develop your environmental and social impact strategy

How ? By structuring a CSR approach which meets your needs and help you launch concrete actions through :

1. Measuring your organization social and environmental impact throught powerful tools such as the BIA (B Corp methodology)

2. Co-developing an adapted CSR strategy to your core business and adding value to your company's strategy

3. Accompanying your teams in this transition

4. Implementing concrete projects and actions to maximise your positive impact


Margaux Maugeais

Project Manager 👩‍💻 | Sustainability ♻️| Social Impact 🌍| Entrepreneurship 💪

🧳 Currently based in Barcelona

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🧳 Currently based in Barcelona


My name is Margaux and I will help you develop a CSR strategy that fits your company's missi♻️ns and res🌍urces.

Discover my approach below

In the short term, I will enable you to

Engage your teams and raise awareness

I facilitate collective workshops such as the Climate Fresk or using technics such as co-development. The goal is to bring out the main concrete courses of action for your company on CSR topics as well as a committed corporate culture thanks to collective intelligence.

(see video on the right)

Communicate your impact

Let your employees, clients, investors and partners know about your commitment. I will help you develop efficient ways of communication with all your key stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions and involve them in your CSR strategy.

I believe in a sustainable and inclusive economy that works for everyone. I am convinced that companies have the power to create business for good by creating new business models which contribute to People, Planet and Profit.


That's why I put my skills and full energy at the service of companies who want to lead the social and ecological transition.


Let's connect on

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My journey towards sustainability began during my studies while discovering about cultural philantropy. From then on, I became  passionate and enthusiastic about developing a more inclusive and sustainable society.

My mission is to help organizations transform their strategy and operations to improve their impact while developing sustainable business models.

I am an entrepreneur with 6+ years of experience and I lead strategic projects to support companies in their transformation towards sustainability and social impact.

As a B Leader, I help organizations to have a more inclusive and sustainable economy and aim at building a culture of business as a force for good.


It is the strength of the collective that brings about success in a company's transformation, not a single person.


My objective is to co-develop tools with my clients to make them autonomous on the long term.


 Listening and evolving together with my clients, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal : impactful tools and strategies.


I believe in active inspiration as a methodology : finding innovative solutions through creation and trial and error.

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